Sometimes in life one needs guidance and advice. In this worksheet I will talk about the value of Mediation and how it can be approached.

I have been meditating myself for many years now. Basically it started for me when I entered the world of the Martial Arts and Yoga.  In 1989 when I graduated as a 1st Dan Jiu-Jitsu I was already close to other Masters who offered meditation and I was lucky to “study” with them.

Later in 1996 I graduated finally as Tantra Yoga teacher and after that I never been without the meditation.

I have compiled a selection of the topics I found relevant to know and hope they will raise your interest too.

  1. Meditation is not what the people say and what you read about it in the media or social media sometimes. Before the meditation there is the concentration and after that the contemplation.
  1. You cannot learn this from books or other media. You need the personal advice, because meditation opens doors of your life they might give you a struggle to deal with on your own.
  1. There are many ways how to meditate. Best is to choose one and stick to it for good progress.
  1. You need daily practise. And do not expect fast results.
  1. Meditation can change your circumstances (Life) but it is not a quick fix.
  1. Keep it simple. A simple approach is good for many things in life.
  1. Stay happy along the way. It helps a lot!
  1. The fire of emotions needs to be kept low.
  1. Patience is the essence of a man says an Asian proverb. Be patient with all what comes.
  1. Free your mind from all these stories J
  1. At Ichinen we meditateevery Sunday morning at 9 am. Join in and start your journey.
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