A “Three eyes” Tantra Yoga seminar will be held at the Bridport dojo. Everybody who likes to increase the wellbeing of the eyesight is welcome to this teaching with Tantra Yoga master Horst Lindenau.


The effects of eye exercises are dual. Physical: Yoga eye exercises help to maintain or improve the sight and energetic: Since the eyes are also connected to the important Nadis (energy channels), eye exercises harmonize the solar energies in humans.

In addition, the eye exercises open the so called third eye, the Ajna Chakra, which stands for intuition and knowledge. The third eye is our connection to the spiritual energy of wisdom and knowledge.

When the third eye is open, energy can flow freely.

The training is, of course, holistic.

When? Sunday, the 16th of April 2017 – 10-12 am

Where? Dojo 86 North Allington, Bridport

Booking : text/call 07968 235486

Costs: £ 20.oo pp