If you want to learn self defence and martial arts in Bridport you are right at Ichinen Bridport.

You want to start with martial arts?

Here are some answers for you to make it easy.

Our trainings are held in Bridport and Loders. Look at times and specific locations under

“Where and when”.

Please arrive 15 min early for adoption.

You can wear any sports clothing to begin with.

You don’t need to be fit before you start.

You can join any time. There are no specific beginner courses.

Your first two sessions are taster lessons before become a full member.

Training is usually 1.5 hours and we do a 20 minutes warm up to begin with.

We are a very friendly group of men and women and yes, we all did start the same as you do:

Go through this door first!

For further enquiries please phone/text 07968 235486