The spirit of Ichinen Bridport

* Your training and engagement is shaping you. Therefore have trust in its teaching and if necessary be willing to make sacrifices

* The dojo is the place where you can do so and learn your skills. It shall be an unprofane place for you. Show respect as you show respect to your own house.

* Pay homage to your teacher and follow his example and be a guide to your comrades.

* Take advice from higher grades and be patient and helpful to lower grades.

* “Ji ta kyo ei” shall be the advise when training with equal students.

(“The best for me and the others”)

* “Seirykoku zenhyo” shall lead your training as your life.

(“The maximum in physical and moral exertion”)

* Care for neat and clean tatami, Gi and your own body.

* Pay respect and great them well, your teacher and the higher grades.

* Defeat the same as victory in fighting shall urge you to perfection. A victory is not a reason for rest.

* Act always according to the ethics of the Jiu-Jitsu and never void its principles.