Big congratulations to Laurence Norman from all of us at Ichinen Bridport Jiu-Jitsu. Laurence Norman graduated tonight as a 2nd Kyu / blue belt, which is a huge effort after months of hard training and preparations. His partner was Fred Underhay (4th Kyu / orange belt). The grading consists of a theoretical questionnaire and the demonstration of 71 techniques + defence against the 7 most common attacks, a 3 min. free fight and defence against 2 attackers at the same time. I was very pleased with his skills and proud of both of my students for such a good performance. Fred Underhay received his certificate as martial artist of the month, which was earned as well by being a good partner for the grading. Please find some photos we did after the grading.

Laurence Norman receives his 2nd Kyu grading certificate