As we are daily confronted with the bad news about stabbings and killings mainly in the capitol London it is clear that these incidents come closer wherever you live. Society is turning towards unlawfulness and violence.

Ichinen Bridport martial arts school focuses on personal self defence and our head teacher Grand master 6th Dan BlackCombat puts it like this:

“If you don’t want to become an easy victim in the future, you have to prepare yourself in the present.”

To support the words with action there is another high qualified self defence seminar held in Bridport. Teacher are Horst D. Lindenau (6th Dan) and Lewis A. Harris (2nd Dan).

The seminar is open to all who are interested in real self defence and are fit for sports.

To register text/ring mobile 07968-235486. You need to register for insurance reasons.

Seminar is held in Bridport at Hospital lane, outdoors in a save and dedicated area.

Sunday, 25th of August 2019.

Each participant receives an official certificate and seminar work sheets/materials.

Cost for this 3 hours teaching is only £ 30.