In times like these we remember the origin of our martial arts. In ancient Japan there was a time when the ruling class and emperors did not care anymore for the wider public, they been called “peasants” and they had to suffer from the bad treatment of the ruling class. The saga says, as they were not aloud to wear any weapons, unarmed combat methods got developed and daily items turned into use as weapons.

Beside the combat skills and the knowledge to survive it is of same importance that the mind is kept strong and clear. And it is of great importance that one “does not stand alone”.

Therefor  here at our community within Ichinen Bridport we receive this little bit of extra security, safety and comrade ship which is urgent needed when times are hard.

Ichinen Bridport >>> We stand together and Grand master Horst Lindenau is our leader we can trust and get through these times all well and safe!