Who is Trevor?

Trevor Barton died on the 23rd of April, three years ago.

Trevor was a member of Ichinen Bridport. A close friend of Grand master Horst Lindenau and a true martial artist himself.

He studied Karate and Teak won do before he met Ichinen Bridport and when Trevor died, he was a 3rd Kyu Jiu-Jitsu, a 1st Dan master grade Anti Terror Combat and when Anti Terror Combat became Black Combat Trevor was posthumous awarded his 1st Dan Black Combat. Trevor was the weapon specialist of Anti Terror Combat and lead several self defence seminars together with Grand master Horst Lindenau.

Trevor is a member of honour at Ichinen Bridport and we have a “Trevor Barton memorial award” for the most improved student of the year.

In 2019 it was Mr. Mark Butt from Bridport who is a 3rd Kyu Jiu-Jitsu himself.

2020 is not decided yet. Might be an opportunity for yourself to achieve it!

When I talk to my friend Trevor, which I do quite regular, he is always in good spirit and there is nothing for me to worry about him. I would say it is rather the other way around. Trevor notices that students neglect their training, do much less than they could and he asked me to push these ones a little bit to improve them.

I say, Trevor, that is not easy. Not many understand the path of the warrior and the path of the Budo with the traditional¬† martial arts. It is not called “Do” (way, path) for coincidence. It can be a long way for some.

Trevor says he does miss his teachings and the friendship at the school.

Well, Trevor, often it is the wrong set up. Those they would cannot and those they could don’t want.

Talk to you soon.

Trevor we miss you all and will celebrate your 3rd anniversary on the 23rd of April to honour a true master. R.I.P. Oss!