This local martial arts school was founded in 1993 in Bridport by German teacher Horst D. Lindenau. He came as a 1st Dan Jiu-Jitsu and 2nd Dan Anti-Terrorkampf (German based Anti terror fight system). Beside that Horst was a qualified Gym instructor, Hatha Yoga trainer and Survival trainer.

30 years gone, Ichinen Bridport is the leading martial arts school and 100s of students took part in trainings, over 20 graduated as Dan grades in various styles.

Master Horst Lindenau holds today a unique collection of Dan degrees. all recognized by international and national organisations. 6th Dan Anti Terror Combat, 6th Dan BlackCombat, 3rd Dan traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, 2nd Dan Anti-Terrorkampf, 2nd Dan Atemi Combat.

If you look for a solid education in martial arts, especially regarding self defence, Ichinen Bridport is your first port of call. Use the contact form on this webpage and find out more.

Master Horst Lindenau with weaponsJiu-Jitsu master Horst D. Lindenau with the weapons of death 2010

BlackCombat Grandmaster Horst D. Lindenau, 6th Dan

Jiu-Jitsu master Horst D. Lindenau with student at a grading