Ichinen Bridport is the oldest existing martial art school in the Bridport area and goes back to 1991. This school offers a wide range of services.

Martial arts

Jiu-Jitsu is taught at Ichinen Bridport martial arts school for 23 years. Master Horst Lindenau introduced this style in the Dorset area which is taught in traditional Japanese manner. It has nothing to do with this BJJ. The classes are open to men and women as from 14 years on. Training is held twice a week. Call or text 07968 235486 for your first free session.

Anti Terror Combat is a real self defence system and if you have some experience in any other martial art you are very welcome for your trial session. We train twice the week in Bridport.


Although meditation is include in the training of the martial arts or Yoga, Ichinen Bridport offers a separate session for those they like to meditate and practise some Chi Kung. We meet every Sunday morning in Bridport. The group is limited to four practitioners and therefore you need to book in advance. Call or text 07968 235486 for your first free session.


Master Horst Lindenau is one of the very few martial arts instructors who have a graduation in Yoga. Yoga class is held every Monday morning in Bridport and suitable for everyone. Places are limited to 4 students only. You need to book your place. We do a mixture of Hatha Yoga and Tantra Yoga with a lot of meditation and mind work. Namaste.

Life coaching

Master Horst Lindenau, martial arts instructor, holding 10 black belts, certified sports teacher, ex navy captain and deep sea water master mariner; travelled 68 countries, lived in 6 countries over a year and believes that his experience as a certified Yoga teacher is the best he ever did, offers a range of life coaching to the individual. Specialized in weight loss, stop smoking and personal help.

Private tuition

If you look for personal growth or you like your child to learn life skills and what matters in life please arrange private tuition with master Horst. Call or text 07968 235486 for a first chat. Full DBS checked and over 30 years teaching experience.