Longevity is probably every-bodies aim. One way or the other. At least one wants to be fit and healthy when at older age. And here Jiu-Jitsu can be highly recommended.  The training of this traditional way of Jiu-Jitsu keeps the body fit, elastic, alert, provides a body which is much younger than real age in years and at our club you can watch it each training. Chief coach master Horst D. Lindenau (65) is still the fittest in the ranks at his age and master Lewis A. Harris (67) is the one who can perform still the full split and passes the Black Combat fit test with ease.

And you know what? As you get older the risk to have a fall is getting quite imminent and we at the Jiu-Jitsu group have no worries about it as we train regular our falls and rolls and can even roll down some stairs with ease. You can join Ichinen Bridport Jiu-Jitsu any time and at any age. And you don’t need to be fit to begin with. We get you there as a team.

And at a more advanced stadium we even perform our rolls and fall on hard floor. Here roll backwards.