Martial arts are 1.000 years old. Martial arts are 10.000 years old. You know already where that leads to. Since mankind is on earth there was and always will be this fight. A fight for someones living. a single individual, a family, a tribe or a nation. Fights are inevitable. The reason we call it “martial arts” is just a modern thing. In real it is the skill of combat. But today in a world where everything so easy becomes a lie to oneself, martial arts sounds better.

And now, with these Corona times these martial arts are pushed back quite a couple of hundred years. To times when superiors ordered the peasants to disarm themselves and only the emperors soldiers been aloud to wear weapons. The result was, that the general public trained secretly. Secret groups were founded and people gave not up to train combat skills. Because without combat skills, you go under, you lose, you die.

Today we have an additional chance to train when it is forbidden to meet for sessions. we can train via modern technology, via the internet. Via videos and online platforms.

Lets do that from now on!

Travel distant lands in your mind. Master Horst Lindenau