Did you know there is a highly professional and qualified martial arts instructor in Bridport?

Horst D. Lindenau, founder and coach of this martial arts school offers private lessons.

Train with a 6th Dan and learn the real stuff. Learn your way. Do what you deserve.

Use the contact form on this page or just pick up the phone and send a text / call.


We can discuss all your needs. Training is suitable for everyone from the age of 6 to 66.

Tuition available in various styles>>>

Jiu-Jitsu > 2nd Dan

Yoga > certified diploma teacher grade in Tantra Yoga. Hatha Yoga trainer degree.

Meditation > 40 years experience. Zen-, red Indian and Viking meditation available

BlackCombat self defence > 6th Dan

Life coaching > weight loss, stop-smoking, anti-ageingĀ  and LIFE coaching