What if i would tell you that the regular training of martial arts keeps you fit and healthy – and young! Yes, you right, martial arts training keeps you young. Young in the meaning of fitness, both physical and mental. Body and brain! The fact that martial arts is good for your body, mind and soul comes on top of that.

Grand master Horst Lindenau has studied and trained Budo and martial arts now for half a century. In the beginning this compassion was all about self defence. With the years of development and own expierience the focus went from martial to martial arts, from Bushido to Budo. All this got influenced by intensive Yoga studies, which master Horst inheritated from his late Grand master Horst Weiland (Germany / 10th Dan Jiu-Jitsu / Yoga teacher and lecturer).

In the year 1995 master Horst began the studies of anti-aging and longevity. This lead first to the “TERLIMA” (Terrestrial Life Management) and this was followed in 2019 by the foundation of Club 115 Ltd. https://club115.blogspot.com/ .

Today master Horst has made the combination of both of his life long studies:

The martial arts

and the

Longevity with anti-aging

Follow these pages and you will take part in this exciting journey and if you follow some of the rules and advice you find in these teaching, you might turn back the clock too.

It is just as easy >>> At the age of 66 years now, master Horst does one of his Katas and often followed by 50 push ups.

Fit to do so with martial arts and Yoga!